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Integrated by a team of professionals who operate in local and international market since 1997, providing comprehensive services in auditing, tax advice, management consulting and risk management combining ability,responsiveness, accessibility, knowledge, permanent communication and understanding of the client

Since 2004, our firm is part of SMS - Argentina and SMS Latin America, forming a strong net of independent firms, with presence all around Latin America

As a member of «Forum of Firms», a group of Transnational Audit firms created in by IFAC («Internacional Federation of Accountants»), SMS Latinoamérica is one of the 25 international auditing firms which certify quality standars imposed by that organization.

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The valuation of companies allows answering the question "How much is my company worth today?", Which is useful in several situations:

  • Know the status of the investment (company)
  • Strategic decisions in the future (expansion / contraction)
  • Entry and Exit of partners: To arrive at an estimate of the value of each part
  • Internal management control
  • Decisions related to starting a process of sales management, merger, split.v
  • Management control
  • Among others



We offer two types of services, whose choice will be tied from the objective pursued with it. The valuation types are:


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In this Stage, the signature of the Firm will be specifically worked on, and the "Memorandum of Offering" must be prepared for this purpose.

The Offering Memorandum includes two Company briefs:p>



The Executive Summary is of a public nature. It describes general aspects of the company, in order to attract the interest of potential investors.
Investors who show interest in the purchase must sign a letter of confidentiality to achieve access to the Descriptive Report.


It defines more detailed aspects, in order to enable a finished analysis of the investment project.
The intention of the same is that the interested party knows more about the firm, having access through this presentation to some sensitive information of the commercial line.
It is expressed graphically, statistics of amounts and operational movements, which make the company's own productivity (for example in freight transport companies, transported package statistics).

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  • Approach of Offers and possible Buyers
  • Accompaniment in Due Diligence
  • Advice and support in the negotiations of price and conditions
  • Legal advice in the preparation of the final contract
  • Closure of the operation, and compliance monitoring
  • This stage is the crucial and most extensive, where previous efforts are reflected.

The accompaniment in the stages of Due Diligence, the comprehensive analysis of the conditions offered for the purposes that the executives make the final decision that most closely matches their objectives, culminating in the offer of legal advice specialized in these operations, for the purposes of ensure the correct development of the operation.

The link between the Company and the Consultant Team will be formally expressed in a Management Contract; which will define the scope of the mandate and other clauses that will govern the actions of both parties in relation to the sale process